Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is a late late blogging...but anyway better late than never.

2013 started off great.  I got to clean and wash and rearrange things in my kitchen and enjoyed cooking few things to freeze up for the Chinese New Year period.  We have two fridges but both freezer compartments were fully packed.  I had forgotten that my hubby had bought so much dabai (local olive) to store up for consumption when our children get back home, especially for Chris, our daughter in law.  So I had a challenging time sorting out space for my cooked food.

Since last year I notice the strong smell in pork that I hesitate to make any CHILLED PIG LEG.  However, towards CNY I still decided to try buying from a different source and make one.

It turned out to be ok.  You can refer to my previous posting for details.

Then I got a recipe online and cook a BLACK VINEGAR PIG TROTTER.  Here is the link... or copy and paste this to your browser...

And I tried Niko's Kitchen recipe....CHINESE PORK BELLY

And of course CHICKEN FEET is not to be missed.
Then there was the PICKLE GINGER and NGO HIANG (I used pork paste instead of fish paste to mix in with the ingredients). 
I also tried a recipe of chicken rolls but it didnt turn out nice.

There was the TOM YAM FISH which I forgot about taking pics.  I used TEAN'S Tom Yam paste and it is nice.  I will post up details next round of my cooking :) 
There is the PIG STOMACH cooked by Sheerah.  I tried to post up short video clips during dinner but they seem to take too long to upload.

As parents, we get to enjoy our children's thoughtfulness as they are grown ups and having their own earnings.  They would come back with gifts for us and our close family friends.  

This year's gift packs of bak gua :) 
The coffee beans are for me of them lots.

Hope you all have had a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  We did :)

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