Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lily's Story

This for Lily, my gan-jie(sister but not biologically).  There is a story to our relationship. I will write about it another time.

I have here her pics which, recently, I got them all out to scan to give her all the soft copies because she has lost all her precious pics of memories in the fire many years ago.

24 February 2011
Here is our story.... (I am not much of a writer but I will try my best)

Lily used to stay with her brother's family who was teaching in a Chinese primary school which was five mins' walk from my house.  Lily was also studying in this school and helping out her sis-in-law with alot of the house chores.  I think she was at that time around 11-12 yrs old when she came from Sibu to join her brother at Marudi.

During those days we had time to play, and I used to go to play at this school's compound in the afternoon.  So we often met and at times we may play together.  Then one afternoon I realised she was laughing at my poorly spoken mandarin as I was from a English school and I did not pronounce my words correctly.  From then on, I just disliked her so much, so we were not really friends then. 

After our primary level, we both went to the same secondary school which was right next to the Chinese primary school where Lily was staying with her brother at the teacher's quarter.  Marudi is a small town so there was no other choice of secondary school unless we went to the only private one (there was one then).  So we crossed each other's path now and then, but we did not talk.

I would say God is humourous as how he made our relationship happened.  One afternoon, a Christian teacher came to share the gospel with us at our home.  That was when I commited my life to Jesus and it was my final year at secondary school.  I did it together with my mum, we both prayed to have Jesus into our lives. Guess where I ended up?  I went to a Chinese church with my mum and there I was, same church with Lily!  So what should I do?  Well, we just gave each other a courtesy smile :) 

One day, as I was boarding an express boat to Miri I heard someone calling me. It was Lily's brother and know what?  He brought Lily to me and asked me to take care of her because she was going to Miri as well.  What was I to do?  Were we that close?  That is what you call a small town church where you are taken for granted when help is needed. So that was how it all happened.  She was put in my care...coming to Miri...staying with me...caring for her all the way.  Funny isn't?  That's how relationship happen....through caring even when it started off with dislike.  God changed me and we became good friends after that.  

Shortly after that relationship happened, my family moved to Miri.  I cannot remember when but she did come to Miri for a period of time teaching in a school in the outskirt of town.  She stayed with my family and my mum took care of her, cooking her breakfast and packed her lunch every morning.  She ended up calling my mum her "gan-ma" (mother) and so we are like sisters now.

When God is in our lives, He makes a difference.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The nest is pretty empty this year, with Marcus & Chris in KL and Joanna in Singapore.  We decided to have Christmas Eve with my kai-zai's family instead.  However, Sheerah has the mood to create something different this year.  She collected Starbucks used plastic cups and come up with this.

With this tree up, there is Christmas in the air.  It is really beautiful!  It does make me miss having the whole family together.

CHRISTMAS EVE - 24 December 2010
So for the first time we had our Christmas Eve out of home and at Daniel & Jeannie's home.  I believe Tiffany and Ivan were really happy to have their first Christmas Eve at home.  They have been spending their C-Eves with us so far.

Christmas tree with the presents in a net! Great idea Daniel!
There is always more than enough food at a time like this :)

Chit Chat after meal.... Then the champagne!

Then the group photos!

Ivan couldn't wait to open the presents!
PoPo loves the little gifts she got from Sheerah.

Tiffany and Ivan love this Tai-Gu-Jie very much.

CHRISTMAS EVENING - 25 /December 2010
We spent it with MGC's Krokop youth group.  They had their prog that night at UNDER 1ROOF.  It was a nice cozy setup for the evening.  Rv Jason lined up the night's prog with solos and true life stories.  We enjoyed it very much.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Children Sermon (for 7-10 yrs old)
- 19 Dec 2010
- at a MGC Pujut Children Worship
- almost 70 children

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:36-41; Luke 8:22-26
AIM: That Children may know they can trust in Jesus and there is victory through Jesus.
         That they can always pray to Jesus when they are afraid.
MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 21:31

About the Sea of Galilee (you can easily get info from the websites)
  • show it on the map - geographic location
  • the weather
  • show it in photos - the peaceful sea and the stormy weather
  • show it in video clip

The Story
Jesus calms the storm - involve the children to dramatise the story
  1. Arrange in the centre the chairs in the shape of a boat. Place a boy to sit at the back playing the role of Jesus and a boy infront as the captain.
  2. Arrange those sitting on the LEFT and RIGHT sides to do the WIND and the WAVES and both sides to do the THUNDER together.....see below:
    • Wind - waving hands and make the sound of the wind, "woooooo....woooooo....wooooo"
    • Waves - clap their hands on their thighs
    • Thunder - stomp their feet
    • Those on the boat to sway from side to side
CAPTAIN:  Hold on tight!  Call Jesus!  Wake Him up!
BOYS NEAR TO JESUS:  Wake up, Lord! Help! Save us!
JESUS:  Why are you afraid, O you of little faith? (to those on the boat)
              Quiet! Be Still! (facing either to the right or left side)
EVERYONE:  What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?

Questions to the children:
How would you feel if you were in the boat?
Was there a time when you were very afraid or when you were in some kind of danger?
Who is the one that can really give us the peace and be our immediate help when in fear or trouble?
Do you believe in God's power and trust in Him totally?

God's Word is POWERFUL....
Memory Verse: Victory rests with the Lord.   Proverbs 21:31b

And God says, When we are afraid, we will trust in Him.  Psalm 56:3

Song:  With Christ in my vessel, I can smile at the storm (with actions) This video clip shows a fun way to do this song.

Activity to round up:
RUB hands together – gentle rain
SNAP fingers – harder rain
CLAP hands on thighs – even harder rain
STOMP feet – thunder
CLAP hands on thighs
SNAP fingers
RUB hands together
Conclude in Prayer:
Bring home craft: Make an simple origami paper boat with a sail on it.
Half of A4 size paper for the boat (you can make use of waste paper)
Print the following words on paper and cut them out.  8pcs on one A4 size paper(colored).  Cut them out and punch a hole on each end so you can put the straw through the holes to make a sail for the boat. (Refer to pics) 
  • 有主在我船上我,(孩子的名字),就不怕风浪
  • VICTORY RESTS WITH THE LORD. Proverbs 21:31b 
  •  胜利却在于耶和华 箴言 21:31
One straw for each boat.  Split one end of the straw to half of an inch and tape with double-sided tape.
Remove the tape and stick the straw to the boat.  Put the sail through the straw.


A few links to some info and resoures

(Note: This is a sermon prepared for a Chinese group.  You will notice that on the craft.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SMK MARUDI 1969-1973

2nd October, 2010 - Saturday

Classmate & School mates from SMK Marudi, attended our son's church wedding.