Monday, May 26, 2014


It has been really some time I have not posted or update my blog.  Recently as I was thinking what to make for a friend who has just adopted a child, I came up with something that I can recycle.  So here it is….a DIAPER HOLDER out of a T-shirt which is worn just once during a camp.  It was too big and too thick for comfort.  I almost added it to a pile to give away when I thought maybe I could make something useful out of it since it is still new and the thick fabric is durable.  So here it is.

Just cut a slit in the center from 1inch below the collar end to where you will have the base of the holder.  
Sew two strips of ribbon or lace (your preference) to both sides all the way to the hem of the t-shirt.  
Then close up the t-shirt by sewing both bottom hems together and sew across the two corners to make the two sides of about 9 inches.  Trim off the access.
I also make use of the sleeves by closing their openings.  Then cut slits of about 5 inches for pocket openings.  I crochet edgings around the slit openings and also a net inside each armhole to close it up.  

I forgot to take pics before sending it off to my friend so I asked my friend to take pics for me…but she only got this one.  So sorry that I can't show you the sleeves for this one.

I plan to make another one for my D-I-L, so till then, I will post more pics.