Friday, March 11, 2011


11 March 2011

This is a personalised gift for a special lady and a ministry friend I knew for quite some years.   She is getting married and I am so excited for her. I want to make her something special and for keepsake too.

I searched online for ideas and came across a wedding ring book which I never thought of before.  I like the idea so here is the result.  I can't wait to send it out to Irene next week.  My creative girl, Sheerah, helped me with the layout of the fonts on the pics.  She is good with that as you can see from the cards she has made.  You can browse them at her online card shop.

Irene's theme colors are purple and pink.  It is not easy to find a purple or pink hardcover book from the book stores in Miri but I am glad I found this at Popular.  It was probably the light effect that made the book blue when the pic was taken.


 I attached a cross and two love-beads to the book separator
(with Christ always in their lives as the Two Become One).

I crocheted a cross with a rose attached to its centre for the book cover.  This book has an elastic band to hold the it together.  I hand sewn a ribbon with pearl beads on top of the band.  I made waves with the ribbon so the elastic band still works.


And the cutting out the hole for the ring wasn't an easy job.  After cutting out some thickness, I have to cut the pages bit by bit which actually made work alot easier.  I redrew the square for each new stack of pages to make sure the measurement was correct.  However, I still didn't do a perfect job on the cutting. The edges are a bit focus aren't that sharp anymore...sigh....


Above are the back of the book cover and the front page with the hole for the rings.  Two pieces of ribbon are attached to the centre to tie the rings with. Below are the back pages of the book.




These links below will give you more ideas and patterns for a Wedding Ring Book: