Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sheerah gave me this canvas bag which she got in Jakarta. It is a nice plain color and it just makes me want to create something to make it look even better. So here is the outcome overnight.



The flower stem pattern:
Draw lightly with a pencil or use a fabric pencil (a better choice) and crochet a line of chain stitches along the line into the canvas. This may take quite an effort but worth it.

OR you can crochet a string of chain and hand sewn with a needle and thread to place the chain onto the line drawn.

After doing the stem, then attach the flowers and petals onto the bag using a needle and thread. I sew a bead to each flower to finish off.

Leaf Pattern:
ch 8; ch 1; sc to last ch; hdc 2 into next 2 ch; tr 2 into next ch; hdc 2 into next 2 ch; sc 3 into next ch.

Turn to work on the other side to form the leaf.

hdc 2 into next 2 ch; tr 2 into next ch; hdc 2 into next 2 ch; sc into next ch; slip stitch to 1st ch and tie.

Flower Pattern:
Do a magic loop and crochet...

ch1: (sc; ch 10); make 5 loops for petals; slip stitch to 1st ch.

ch 1; sc 3; hdc 2; dc 2; tr 3; dc 2; hdc 2; sc 3; make 5 of this petal and slip stitch to 1st ch; tie

The flower is made from a bundle of rope which I bought from a hardware store.

I have to unwind and roll the rope into 2 empty bottles before I can start my crocheting. I bought 2 sizes and I used the finer one to crochet the flower. The texture is stiff but I like the color and the effect it has...dry flower effect? Anyway, it suits my bag so well.

This is the thread I used for the leaves and stem. This color matches the flower very well. Sheerah got this from Daiso.

Well, I am very pleased with my creation :) Happy crocheting for those of you who like to try it out.

NOTE: Please do not sell the pattern, you may sell the finished product, giving credit and linking it to the pattern creator. Thank you.


Here is another pouch I made for my E66.