Tuesday, February 8, 2011


2 Febuary - Wednesday
It was good to have children back for this traditional occasion. Joanna arrived from Singapore at around 1pm and Marcus & Chris arrived from KL around 7:30pm.  Our kai-zai, Daniel and his family joined us for this CNY Reunion dinner for the 1st time.  Of course, my two brothers and their families would not be missed out.

For the first time, my mom gave such good comments on my cooking...hahaha...it's never too late and still more room for improvement.  Well, thanks to Sheerah for helping so much in tidying up the house with her SUPER KA-KA mode on.  That gives me time to search for recipes and try them out before the eve dinner.

Good food definitely makes people happy :)

So to start off the dinner and a new year, we had the YeeSang first.  This was prepared by Sheerah, in Japanese taste.
Ingredients: Shredded carrots and cucumber; green and black seaweed; pan-fried egg strips and salmon slices. (with wasabi sauce)




Everyone loved this dish and finished it in no time.  Then...more to come :)

Menu for 2011 CNY Eve Dinner:
  1. Lotus Root Soup
  2. Deviled Eggs
  3. Chilled Pork Leg
  4. Spring Rolls (2 types: Fish & Pork)
  5. Caramel Pork Belly
  6. Baked Tilapia (2 Fish)
  7. Tom Yum Fish Head
  8. Fried Chicken Wings
  9. Mixed Vegie with Chicken Breast
  10. Potato Leaves

Joanna loved this :)

Michael, my eldest brother,  loved this and brought some back to Bintulu :)

Bernard, my 2nd brother, loved this :)

Voted BEST DISH!  Johann's favourite :)

Sheerah always loves her QQ's fried chicken wings and this is a special request :)

Since all the children's birthdays(except Sheerah's) fall on Dec and Jan, we decided to give them a nice birthday cake from SECRET RECIPE.  However, Sheerah also included our anniversary when she ordered the cake.  How thoughtful of her....she's an initiator.  Our 30th Anni. was in Jan while Daniel & Jeannie's 10th Anniversary was on 30 Dec.  So we had an extra celebration on CNY Eve.

Together we celebrate!

Together we POP!


Pink Roses from my children.  My first time to get pink roses :)