Monday, February 27, 2012


This my first handmade sliding card.  I saw a tutorial online and love it.   I love making it and so happy with it :)  I made it for Sheerah's birthday which is coming up in March but then she will be in KL so we had a simple dinner together when she came back this month.  I also crocheted a tissue holder and bought her a Starbucks birthday card from HK.


You can refer to the links below for the tutorials.

and the Dahlia Fold Flower ...


I saw this free pattern online and find this cat very cute.

I bought some yarn during my recent visit to Hong Kong and I am happy with the outcome though I think it would turn out nicer with the mouth, hands and feet in a darker color.  It happened that a niece from Kuching was in Miri at this time so I gave it to her and she loves it.

So expressive and cool, isnt he?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


My sis-in-law saw the glove I made for my trigger thumb and asked if I could make her a pair of gloves to keep her hands warm while working in her office.  She only wants to cover the top of her hands so this is what I came up with.

It is started with a length of ch st that measures the circumference of the wrist and attached the button at one end and make a ch loop on the other end for the button hole.  Then a row of single crochet before starting to crochet along to and turn shell pattern and do a ring of ch at each end for the thumb and the little finger on the nineth shell-row with 2 rounds of single crochet.  Then finish off with 4 more shells at the centre on 11th shell-row and 2 shells on the 12th row.