Saturday, April 2, 2011


I was trying out new patterns and so I just made something small and quick. I ended up with a coin pouch :)



1 April 2011

I have to stop my crochet fever and get back to my other duties after this. 

I learnt this scales stitch through Teresa's tutorial video which is very clear. She calls this Crocodile Scale Stitch.  So I made another pouch with this pattern. 


Finally, I made one for my own phone :)



The top part is also an open end so I can just unbutton and slide my phone up to answer calls without having to undress it :)

This is a simple and easy pattern, so here are the steps.....

20 ch
(1ch)(so total 21ch); 1sc into 20th ch; sc all round, with 3sc at end stitch and 2sc before closing to the (1ch)
21ch (opening for the phone to slide through); dc all round and ss to 3rd ch
3ch; dc all round and ss to 3rd ch (2 rows of this)
7ch; (skip 4dc; dc; 4ch); Repeat ( ) 3 times; dc all round; ss to 3rd ch - Make 15 rows of this
3ch; dc all round; ss to 3rd ch (2 rows of this)
1ch; (sc; hdc; dc; tc;dc; hdc); Repeat ( ) all round; sc; ss to ch; cut and tie (This will give you a wavy finish)

Note: If you find your starting and ending stitch at one or two stitches difference, it is ok.  You can work the few stitches of dc first so your "net" will be in the centre to cover your phone's screen.

Make a loop and a button to hold the opening end.

NOTE: Please do not sell the pattern, you may sell the finished product, giving credit and linking it to the pattern creator. Thank you.