Tea Ceremony at the Groom's house.

We went home after the church wedding to prepare for the tea ceremony for the groom's side.

We never had so many women in the kitchen!  It was definitely a day of noise and laughters filling up the house.  I was lost, not knowing what to do so I just let them take over the kitchen.  Believe me, when women come together, it is POWER and you won't want to mess with them :)  However, with so many "tang-yuan" to roll, these ladies sure did a fast job together.

And preparing the refreshment too.  Haha...We are family!

(Music: "We are One" from THE LION KING)

Tea Ceremony at the Bride's side was done at the Imperial Hotel.
It took place in the afternoon after we were done with the tea ceremony at the Groom's side.
(Music: "We are family" from A Musical Message For All)

The Banquet at Imperial Hotel Ballroom

Marcus surprised Chris with this song "Trees" by Marty Casey.  But I think he surprised his parents more than his bride.  So were alot of our friends who see him grew up.  

When Marcus started singing, his dad asked me, "Did you know our son could sing like that?" And I said, "No, did you?" We both never knew he could sing like that!  I was still at "London Bridge is Falling Down".  That was a new discovery for us.  We hardly caught the words he was singing but his voice caught us all.  Too bad it wasn't recorded.

(Music: "Trees" by Marty Casey and "The Banquet" from Hook Soundtrack)

It wasn't a perfect wedding.  We overlooked alot of details but most importantly God was there all along throughout the start of the preparation to the wedding day.  He made all things worked out for good. 

The love and support from our families, relatives, friends, bros and sis from MGC has indeed made this wedding a blessing to all.  We see the love of Jesus in the bros and sis from MGC helping us from our home to the church.  We are so blessed. 

May God's goodness and love always follow you and your cups overflow with His abundance.

Above all, THANK YOU LORD.

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