Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 KICK OFF!

6 January 2011
We started off sharing a family dinner with Rv Jason and his family, and with Sheerah's card-buddy, Marlene, on the FIRST MONDAY OF 2011. 

The first invited guests to our home in 2011

Spaghetti with Leggos Cheese Tomato Mozzarella
Macaroni with Leggos Alfredo sauce
Baked chicken breast with vegies
"Deviled eggs"
Drink: Orange juice + Sprite + Lemon slides + ice cubes
Dessert: "Si-Mi-Lu" (It is made with honeymelon juice + ideal milk + sago beads + agar2 + honeymelon cubes and top up with ice cream)
Fruit: Mini Mandarin Orange (from Marlene)
Spaghetti with LEGGOS Cheese Tomato Mozzarella

The LEGGOS sauces 

Baked chicken breast with vegies - healthy eating (Sheerah's recipe)

"Deviled eggs" (my very first try)

I like this pic...see the contrast in their expressions?

Sheerah prepared a door gift for our guests by putting some biscuits and chocolates in a Starbucks used plastic cup and a ribbon tied to both sides to handle it.  Nice thought :) 
If you would like to try out the Deviled Eggs, you can go the link for tips to making just nice hardboiled eggs and a variety of recipes which you can try out.  I did this for the first time and I personally love it and will be trying out some more...haha...for our next guests.  Yes, we plan to do this more often (maybe bi-monthly), that is, inviting family friends to our home to have fellowship over dinner or a light meal or maybe some new ideas we may work out along the way. That is our 2011's goal!