20 Oct 2010 - birth of this page
5th Nov 2010 - This page is dedicated to Sheerah, my eldest girl.

These are cards made by Sheerah over her growing years. Her creative nature was obvious since young. I wish I have kept all her drawings too but who would have thought of blogging then. I will work on this page slowly as I dig through all the cards she had made since young.


This was created in 1994 which was our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

There was a young group who frequent our home and Sheerah created this card for everyone of them to sign for our 19th Anniversary, (2000)

This card is made for Daddy to write to Mummy.

And this one is for Mummy to write to Daddy.

This one is for our 25th Silver Anniversary in 2006.


Daddy's 50th Birthday in 2007

Mummy's 39th Birthday in 1996

45th in 2002

47th in 2004.




MISSING HOME CARDS (while she was in Auckland, NZ)

31 Jul 2001 at 9:30pm NZ time
This card meant alot to me and still means alot to me each time I read it.  Those sincere words written inside the card and not spoken touches me all the time.  It is a comfort to a mother and I am blessed ....

15 Oct 2001 at 10:00pm NZ time.


Another card that touches my heart.  She apologized for her "lauzy attitude"(that's how she spelt it) which I can't recall what it was about.  I am somehow grateful that she puts her words on paper better than spoken cos that way I will always have them to refer and treasure for life. (1999)
The card with the ladybird was for breaking one of my favourite pots' cover. This is what she wrote....

Dear Mummy,

Terribly sorry 'bout breaking one of your favourite pots' cover today. I know u dun mind, so does that mean I can break your pot as well?

Your careless daughter,

It always brings a smile to my face....


24 Aug 2009
She did this bookmarks for me when I wanted to give it as an encouragement and reminder to the tuition teachers during a workshop (MGC's Eng Branch Church).

8 Sept 2010
This is the latest card which I requested her to make for a young American friend of mine. I missed his wedding which happened in Klang on 25 Sept. That's where his bride, a Malaysian Chinese is from.

10 Dec 2010
These bookmarks were made for MGC KEE teachers/trainers & Team Leaders on the last day of MGC 6th KEE Local Training.  Sheerah was already late and tired but she still get them done for me...I am touched  :) Altogether she made 33 pcs.


  1. I have to say, you have a loving and very talented daughter! I have not meet her in person yet but through today's technology of blogging and fb. I have seem to know her very well. I wish to treasure this friendship forever :D. And I have to say, Auntie's you ROCKS! I wish my mum to be able to blog like you (lol). You have an awesome blog!!

  2. Thks Jaime for your ROCKING compliment. Yes, I m proud of my girl and I m glad she has a friend like you who treasures her friendship. Friendship is a gift from God and may God bless your friendship even more :) Thks for dropping by.