Monday, April 11, 2011


11 April 2011

This is for Amy, a special lady, who will be getting married in Sydney.  I first knew her when we went on the same church mission trip.  It is always encouraging to see a young life well invested for God's kingdom.

I wanted to make her a ring book but her mom's friend has plan to make her a ring pillow.  I dont have much time to work on anything that is too time consuming, so I cracked my head and came up with this idea.....a wedding band to wrap round the Bible.  I got it done in 2 days,  I could have done it in a day but my long sightedness is making needlework much more difficult these days.  I think I should get myself a magnifying glass for crafters (If anyone has any good recommendation please let me know).  That way, I wont keep losing my beads; placing my needle into the wrong point and having a hard time threading the needle :)  Never thought when this day comes, doing needlecraft would be such a tough job.

Here are the pics to what I have done. 

I went to the Christian BookStore and got this nice bible. I just love it.  It is a NKJV Bible in giant print.

It is burgundy leathersoft cover and has a nice pattern on it....elegant and fit for a weddng.

The first few pages are for keeping a record of the bride's and the groom's family trees.  I think this is great. 

  Here is the band with the bride's and the groom's intials stitched on with beads.

 I crocheted all along the edge of the cross stitch fabric before stitching on the beads.  It is like working cross stitch except you just add in a bead to each stitch and you only do half the stitch instead of a full cross stitch.  You can find very clear instructions here on beaded cross stitch.

You can see the beadwork at close up.   I did a heart with a cross inside to go between the initials.  I use backstitich to do the date below the heart.....just a simple design.  I got the pattern for the initials from a book - Counted Beadwork.

I crocheted a button and a loop to hold the two ends together...... 

.....and a purple ribbon bow attached to the flap above the button.....  

....and a card by Shera's Design to go with the special gift.

 God bless the Bride & the Groom!