Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is inspired by a 4 year old(turning 5), a very young friend of mine :) He loves cars and he is trying to earn money to buy things that he wants. His mother taught him well, telling him that he need to save up to achieve his wishes. You must be thinking what can a 4 year old do. Well, he helps his mother to hang the clothes to dry and how does he do that? He helps to get the hangers for his mother. After his mother slipped the hanger into the clothings he will hook the hanger onto the wooden rod by standing on their car's bonnet! I should get a pic of him doing it on my next visit.

I have wanted to crochet him a car but seeing him saving two 50 cents coins each time he helps his mother inspires me to crochet the car into a coin bank. I am happy with the outcome. This is for his birthday which is one day before mine but I spent more time than expected to get it done so it is a belated gift. I actually redo the wheels because I wasnt happy with the wheels which I did initially. I cut round card-wheels at first but they didnt turn out well because I dont think they will hold the weight of the coins. I used caps from my supplement bottles instead and I like the way they turned out.

Here are the pics. (these are the initial wheels inserted with round cards)

Here are the pics after I altered the wheels. I added two caps as spare tyres to bottom of the bus to support the weight when it gets filled up with coins.

The bottom right pic shows the original plastic container and the bus before the container is put inside.


Here are the pics sent in by his mum.  See the joy on his face :) He requested to celebrate his birthday with his friends at his playschool. What a big cake!