Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taro Cake

22 Feb 2011
I have got 2 yam in my fridge which I have almost forgotten about.  I have to get rid of like 1/4 of it as it has already started to soften and rot.  I am glad I still have 650 gm left to make 1 recipe of taro cake.

A)  Boil the yam cubes in 2 cups of water over medium heat so the water still remains after the yam soften. 

B) Fry the garlic (I just run out of shallots so I use garlic instead) and shrimps with some oil till fragrant, then add in the mushrooms to fry....then the pork till they are well mixed.
Add in the shredded yam to fry till all the ingredients are well mixed together.
Pour in to (C) mixture.

C) Mix these ingredients well together (make sure there is no flour clumps)
Pour in (B) - the fried ingredients.
When (C) is ready, pour in right away and stir immediately to mix them together. 
When done, put to steam for 1 hour or so. 

Now it is ready to be cut into pieces ......

......to be fried lightly in pan with little oil.  If you are using a non-stick pan you do not need much oil.  I just spray mine lightly with oil which comes in a spray can.



Pan fry the taro cake pieces till lightly brown and crisp.

You will note that the yam cubes are still in good shape and they give you a good taste of yam.
It will go well with chilli sauce or the Crispy Dried Shrimp paste of Cosway.