Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I tried this and it turned out to be great! Watch the video and get the ingredients details from FOOD WISHES

I added brinjals to the cooking after I poured in the rest of the sauce and let it simmer till the sauce almost dried out. The brinjals go well with the sauce but I find it bit too sweet so I am going to reduce the sugar but add in more dried chillies for the next cooking.


I  made 2kg of the pork belly and cut them into 3 portions after the chilling, wrapped in new aluminum foil and freezed them for the CNY.

The port belly after being chilled.  The slits show where the rib bones were removed.
 The melted fat which solidified after chillling.
 The spring onions removed.
 I split them into smaller portions so I can freeze them seperately.
And use them later.