Marcus and Christina chose to have an autumn wedding and as I prepared the things below, I got to appreciate autumn more...then the deco at the church said it all. It was awesome. God creates autumn beautiful..."ending of a season to proceed into a new season of life ahead".  Elder Lucas started his message well with this line.


15 July 2010
I just finished this piece last week. It is for my son's wedding and I intend to put it on the ring pillow. There will a ribbon to tie the rings together in a bow tie where the heart is at the left bottom corner. I thought this will be something the groom and bride can take off the ring pillow after their wedding to frame up for keepsake. I need to give it a gentle wash before stitching it to the pillow

29 Sept 2010
Done at last! This is the completed Ring Pillow. God bless the Groom and the Bride.

The two corners are cross-stitched with beads. The purple ribbon will tie the rings together. The corners are attached onto to the pillow with a very light purple ribbon bow with a heart-bead.


30 Sept 2010
The centre piece is really beautiful and it only costs JUSCO. It is a tall glass filled candle wax inside with a small bouquet of flowers attached to its neck.

I tied a white lacy ribbon bow and attached a small rose (remain from making the flowergirl's head piece) to the two silver candles which the couple will use to light the centre piece.


2 Oct 2010
I managed to find these fabrics in 2 shades of brown that went so well together.  I made the dark brown piece as the top cover and the lighter one to back it up. I love the contrast. 


I raised the height of the centre candle by attaching 2 small candle holders to its base.  The two paper bases for the silver candles were made by Sheerah from 2 layers of soft wrapping paper in 2 shades of brown.  The 2 silver candles were standing on 2 glass candle-holders. I have to wrap the base of each candle with aluminum foil so it will fit nicely in the candle holder which is slightly bigger.


2 Sept 2010
Bridesmaids' bouquets are done! There will be 5 bridesmaids. These are fake flowers and they do look like dry flowers (that's the first impression my friends had when they see these pics.) There are 3 roses on each stalk. I attached a few leaves and I wrapped "marina" rope round the stalk to thicken the handle part and tied a gold and a brown bow tie just below the last rose.

2 Oct 2010  It turned out that there were only 4 bridesmaids.


The 4 pretty ladies.



18 Sept 2010 - completed the Flower-girl's head piece.
I glued the roses onto a headband, then wrapped round the headband with a brown tape. Then glued the leaves behind each rose.

And attached two brown ribbons to the ends of the headband to tie a butterfly knot.



28 Sept 2010
I got the basket for only a ringgit. I wrapped the handle with brown ribbon; glue a layer of lace round the basket and edged it with a brown ribbon, then a bow tie to each side. Fill it with colorful potpouri. Simple.



2 Oct 2010
The wedding and escort cars were a gracious lending offer of Uncle JLim and the car-makeup was done by Essence Bridal.


29 Sept -2 Oct 2010
The decoration inside the church hall was designed and set up by Marcus and his sister, Sheerah, They did a great job and of course not forgetting the helpers.  They started the preparation 3 days before the wedding.

The tree branches were within easy access, very near to our home. 
They went collecting the leaves that dropped off this tree which seems to be experiencing autumn too.

With the florescence lights on (above pics) and the lights off (below) to let the candles and the lightings from the bottom of the trees(inside the vases) to take effect. The vases were another gracious lending offer, from the Tou Brothers' Pottery. The dry leaves collected were laid alongside the aisle between the vases with some fake flowers.


The lanterns with lighted candles inside them were designed by Sheerah and were hung on the "autumn trees".


The benches along the aisle were lined with a cream-colored lining fabric decorated with fake flowers, leaves and marina rope.

Instead of a red carpet, the aisle was paved with the cream-colored lining fabric.


This is the first autumn decoration ever done in this church and has received much encouraging feedbacks. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all those who had lent a helping hand to make all this happen.  May God bless you more.

5th November 2010
On this day, this is dedicated to Marcus and Chris. May this blog always brings back memories and to remind you to stay in God's love -
"IT TAKES THREE" to make a marriage work.


  1. aunty, i so hope for my wedding you can come n help with the decoration too! This is very pretty! Can I learn flower arrangement from u too? haha

  2. Hi Rachfaith, thks again. So when is your wedding? Where will it be? If you do come to Miri, just give a call to Sheerah or me and I sure dont mind sharing ideas :)

  3. Donno when the will be yet, but probably within these two years hehe! It will be here in NZ