Thursday, March 31, 2011


30 March 2011

At last I got this bag finished for my mom..  It is for her to use when going to church on Sunday.  I have left this project aside for many years and now I know why.  I dont enjoy crocheting on a plastic mesh netting.  It caused too much stress on my arm.  This bag took me 2 weeks because I kept putting it off to rest my arm. Finally it is done and I am so happy....cant wait to give it to her tomorrow, when we will be going out together. 

The 2 rolls of nylon thread I had were just enough to finish the bag with its handles.  I actually have to use remaining tails from here and there to finish off one of the handles. 

I used the remaining thread from the water bottle pouch to make a flower as a holder infront.  As I ran totally out of thread, I used my brown cotton thread to do the rope to hold onto the may notice the color and texture difference at close-up.




I dont think I will do another crocheting on a plastic mesh....rough work for me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


27 March 2011


MATERIAL:  Orion Top Grace - white; Orion Top Aminah -  light purple; Clover No: 8 hook

24 ch; 1 ch; sc all round (put in 3 sc at last ch and 2 ch in first ch); join to first ch

Row A:  (3 ch; dc into every sc and join to 3rd ch) Repeat ( ) 3 more rounds

Row B:  4 ch; *skip 1dc and do 1dc; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

Row of puffs:  4 ch; puff stitch of 2dc into same dc; *close stitch; 1ch; puff with 3dc into next dc; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

So you will have alternate rows of spaced dd and puffs, total 6 rows of spaced dc and 5 rows of puffs with spaced dc as the top row.

Now make 4 more of Row A.

Row of shells:  (1ch; 1sc; 1hdc; 1dc; 1tc) into same stitch; *skip 3dc; 1sc; 1hdc; 1dc; 1tc into 4th dc; Repeat from * all round; join to first ch.

You can do a chain loop at one end where you finished; cut and tie; hide the tail into the stitches

This last round is optional, that is using another color thread to do sc all round leaving out the loop.  I crochet the sc into the inside of the stitches leaving an outline of the shells.

Flowers:  Make 2 small flowers and attached it to one face of the pouch.  I made a small flower of 3 petails and a bigger one of 5 petals. 

NOTE: Please do not sell the pattern, you may sell the finished product, giving credit and linking it to the pattern creator. Thank you.

Friday, March 25, 2011


26 March 2011

I did this pouch for Angie, a young friend in Melbourne.  Angie's birthday is in June.  Her mother is here for a visit, so with my crafting passion still on, I want to make her a gift so her mother can bring it home to her.  This is a very pre-birthday gift :)

I saw a picture of a crochet pouch online.  I like the pattern so I tried it out and added a little design of my own to the top part.  I also did a sling to hook onto the sides.  The sling can be shortened into half length as you can see from the pics.


The picture on the left shows the sling in half of its length by doing a double with both of the hooks on one side.  The picture on the right shows the full length of the sling.

A close look at the sling.....

MATERIAL:  Nylon thread - this is a smaller size than the one I used for the water bottle pouch.

ROW #1
20ch; 1ch; sc all round (3ch in last ch); 2sc in first ch; join to first ch.
ROW #2
3ch; dc all round; join to 3rd ch
ROW #3
3ch; 10dc; 2ch; skip 2dc; 24dc; 2ch; skip 2dc; 13dc; join to 3rd ch
ROW #4
Same as Row #3 except 4ch for the space in the middle
Row #5
3ch; 8dc; 4ch; sc into space; 4ch; 20dc; 4ch; sc into space; 11dc; join to 3rd ch

Row #6
3ch; 6dc; 5ch; 3sc; 5ch; 16dc; 5ch; 3sc; 5ch; 9dc; join to 3rd ch

Row #7
3ch; 4dc; 6ch; sc into space; 3ch; sc into space; 6ch; 12dc; 6ch; sc into space; 3ch sc into space; 6ch; 7dc; join to 3rd ch

Row #8
3ch; 6dc; 4ch; 3sc into space; 4ch; 16dc; 4ch; 3sc into space; 4ch; 9dc; join to 3rd ch

Row #9
3ch; 8dc; 2ch; 1sc into space; 2ch; 20dc; 2ch; 1sc into space; 11dc; join to 3rd ch

Rows #10; 11; 12
3ch; 10dc; 2ch; 24dc; 2ch; 11dc; join to 3rd ch

Row #13
3ch; dc all round; join to 3rd ch

Row #14
(3ch; 2dc) in same stitch; *skip 2dc; 3dc in same stitch; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

Row #15
3ch; *3dc in one closing stitch as doing a puff; 2ch; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

Row #16
1ch; sc all round; join

Row #17
1ch; 23sc; 6ch for the loop; 26sc; 6ch for another loop; sc; join

The Sling:
6ch to form a circle; ss one round; then crochet a long chain, mine is 51 inches (divisible by 5); do a ring like the 1st one; then (5ch; skip 5ch; sc on 6th chain); repeat ( ) till end of chain.

OR follow another pattern which I did for the water bottle pouch.


Wow, no kidding, putting the pattern into words of stitches is really challenging.  These few patterns on my blog is my first write out and do let me know if there is any error.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


23 March 2011

Here is another pouch made for Joanna's Nalgene 1lit. bottle. There is not much choice of color for this material at the craft shop so I pick this dark brown color. It took me about 4+ hours to finish crocheting the pouch.


MATETIAL: 2 rolls of  Nylon thread (around 50gm each) and a size 5 crochet hook

SIZE OF BOTTLE: 29.5 cm circumferance and 9cm diameter (NALGENE 1litre bottle)

For those of you in West Malaysia you can try the address below for supply of the Ondori thread.  This Distributor's address came with the ball packaging but I am not sure if it is still valid.

No. 6 & 8 Jalan 12/34A Kepong Enterpreneur Park, Kuala Lumpur 52100, Wilayah Persekutuan
PH:603-62516928   FAX: 603-62580928


Round 1:  Make a magic circle; 3 chain; 15 double crochet in the loop; join by slip stitch at the first 3rd ch  (total 16 dc).

Round 2:  2 ch, 2 dc in each dc around (total 32 dc).

Round 3:  3 ch, *2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next stitch. Repeat around from * (3 rounds will make a 8cm diameter base).

Round 4: Repeat Round 3

1st Round:   1 ch; 1 half double crochet in each dc all round; slip stitch onto the 1st ch

2nd Round:  4 ch; 1 triple crochet to next hdc; *2 ch; 2 tc; Repeat * all round; ss to the 4th ch
Repeat 2nd Round till it reach almost the neck of your bottle

Now do 6 ch or more (depending on how big you want the petal to be); 1 single crochet into the next space (in between the tc); 1sc;

6 sc into each 6-ch-space; ss into the 1st sc

1ch; ss to the inside and 1sc into the nearest space between the tc; *6 ch; 1sc to the next space; Repeat * all round; ss to the 1st sc

(ss along 2 ch; 1sc; *6ch; 1sc to the next space; Repeat * all round) Repeat this round ( ) if your bottle has a longer neck. 

You can use a ribbon or shoe lace to string through the final row of spaces to secure the pouch to your bottle.  Here I crocheted a string of chains with a flower at each end to string through and tied a bow-tie.

6-8 ch (depending on how big you want the loop to be) close with ss; build chains to your preference of length; 6-8 ch and close with ss (2nd loop); 
ss all through the rest of the chains you have crocheted; ss to end of the 1st loop;
Tie and cut (slip the end through the stitches and use a lighter to slightly burn the end of the thread to keep it intact)
Add a ring-clip to each loop and now you can hook your sling onto your pouch and you are ready to go!

Other Pattern: for the sling.

NOTE: Please do not sell the pattern, you may sell the finished product, giving credit and linking it to the pattern creator. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


18 March 2011

I wanted to make a water bottle pouch for Joanna but my estimation was too small.  It is supposed to fit the 1 lit Nalgene bottle and the finished size fits my 800 ml bottle instead.  So I will have to make another one for her.  I finished this one in 1 day.




Thursday, March 17, 2011


17 March 2011

Once into crafts, ideas start popping up and out of a sudden impulse I wanted to make an organizer.  Then I thought it would be a great idea for Sheerah's punches and her birthday is just round the corner.  So I went out to shop for the materials yesterday; started to measure and cut last night; and finished it tonight.  I hung it on the wall next to her working table and let her discover it for herself :)

Here are a few pics I took before and after putting in her punches.

I used plastic sheet (similar to the one used for table tops but thinner) for the pockets.  For the back support I used another kind of plastic fabric (also for table tops).  I sew them together and used ribbon to line each row and also the two sides, covering the sewing lines. 


After putting in the punches, I realized they are much heavier than I expected so I had to leave the biggest one out.  Honestly, I am not sure how long this can last :).

It was quite a challenging project.  I had to line a piece of newspaper under the plastic and also in between the sewing foot to get the sewing going.  I am glad I managed to finish all the sewing without much problem, 

Here's to my dear girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEERAH!  Congratulations to another year of goodness which the Lord will definitely have in store for you :)  

Psalm 37:4  "Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

18 March 2011
I checked it out this morning and gosh! the whole thing dropped.  The rope couldn't hold the weight of the punches.  Good thing Sheerah didn't see this :)  By the way, her workplace is downstairs so she won't see it unless she goes down to make her cards.  So I looked around and found a strong rope which my hubby used for his fishing nets.  I am sure this is going to hold the punches :) The pics below will show you the difference.

The broken ropes.....

 .....the stronger rope.

Friday, March 11, 2011


11 March 2011

This is a personalised gift for a special lady and a ministry friend I knew for quite some years.   She is getting married and I am so excited for her. I want to make her something special and for keepsake too.

I searched online for ideas and came across a wedding ring book which I never thought of before.  I like the idea so here is the result.  I can't wait to send it out to Irene next week.  My creative girl, Sheerah, helped me with the layout of the fonts on the pics.  She is good with that as you can see from the cards she has made.  You can browse them at her online card shop.

Irene's theme colors are purple and pink.  It is not easy to find a purple or pink hardcover book from the book stores in Miri but I am glad I found this at Popular.  It was probably the light effect that made the book blue when the pic was taken.


 I attached a cross and two love-beads to the book separator
(with Christ always in their lives as the Two Become One).

I crocheted a cross with a rose attached to its centre for the book cover.  This book has an elastic band to hold the it together.  I hand sewn a ribbon with pearl beads on top of the band.  I made waves with the ribbon so the elastic band still works.


And the cutting out the hole for the ring wasn't an easy job.  After cutting out some thickness, I have to cut the pages bit by bit which actually made work alot easier.  I redrew the square for each new stack of pages to make sure the measurement was correct.  However, I still didn't do a perfect job on the cutting. The edges are a bit focus aren't that sharp anymore...sigh....


Above are the back of the book cover and the front page with the hole for the rings.  Two pieces of ribbon are attached to the centre to tie the rings with. Below are the back pages of the book.




These links below will give you more ideas and patterns for a Wedding Ring Book: