Thursday, March 31, 2011


30 March 2011

At last I got this bag finished for my mom..  It is for her to use when going to church on Sunday.  I have left this project aside for many years and now I know why.  I dont enjoy crocheting on a plastic mesh netting.  It caused too much stress on my arm.  This bag took me 2 weeks because I kept putting it off to rest my arm. Finally it is done and I am so happy....cant wait to give it to her tomorrow, when we will be going out together. 

The 2 rolls of nylon thread I had were just enough to finish the bag with its handles.  I actually have to use remaining tails from here and there to finish off one of the handles. 

I used the remaining thread from the water bottle pouch to make a flower as a holder infront.  As I ran totally out of thread, I used my brown cotton thread to do the rope to hold onto the may notice the color and texture difference at close-up.




I dont think I will do another crocheting on a plastic mesh....rough work for me.


  1. OMG!! Aunty nice work! Dun worry i wun ask for the blue print. HAhaha...i can't crochet a bag! I rather sew one! kekekeke....Very nice. But aunty, why don't u use other materials to make bags. So its not that stress on ur arms.
    Oh, yes i do have a blog. I haven't been making nice stuff for crochet, so mostly they are my paper crafts item. You can visit my blog if u like. tee

  2. Thanks Vivacela. Well, I think it was at one time a vy popular crochet item so I got the thread and the net and then probably realise I din really enjoy doing it so they were put aside ahd forgotten. Recently, my crafting passion got whole of me and I started to dig into my stuff. So I found these materials and wanted to finish it. It's a relief to accomplish an unfinished project :)