Monday, April 30, 2012


I fell into a pot of honey,
And I got on me all the honey,
Well, with all the honey on me,
It make me a happy Winnie!

This is made specially for Jeannie(my gan-daughter-in-law) cos she loves Winnie the Pooh :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is inspired by a 4 year old(turning 5), a very young friend of mine :) He loves cars and he is trying to earn money to buy things that he wants. His mother taught him well, telling him that he need to save up to achieve his wishes. You must be thinking what can a 4 year old do. Well, he helps his mother to hang the clothes to dry and how does he do that? He helps to get the hangers for his mother. After his mother slipped the hanger into the clothings he will hook the hanger onto the wooden rod by standing on their car's bonnet! I should get a pic of him doing it on my next visit.

I have wanted to crochet him a car but seeing him saving two 50 cents coins each time he helps his mother inspires me to crochet the car into a coin bank. I am happy with the outcome. This is for his birthday which is one day before mine but I spent more time than expected to get it done so it is a belated gift. I actually redo the wheels because I wasnt happy with the wheels which I did initially. I cut round card-wheels at first but they didnt turn out well because I dont think they will hold the weight of the coins. I used caps from my supplement bottles instead and I like the way they turned out.

Here are the pics. (these are the initial wheels inserted with round cards)

Here are the pics after I altered the wheels. I added two caps as spare tyres to bottom of the bus to support the weight when it gets filled up with coins.

The bottom right pic shows the original plastic container and the bus before the container is put inside.


Here are the pics sent in by his mum.  See the joy on his face :) He requested to celebrate his birthday with his friends at his playschool. What a big cake!

Monday, April 9, 2012


This teapot warmer took me some time but the result is worth it. I just love it and look forward to a good pot of tea tomorrow.

10 April 2012

Now I am enjoying my tea as often as I can :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I did some egg covers last year.  This time I crocheted a few easter eggs-covers and few easter chick egg-covers.  I saw this picture online and find it very cute, so I tried it out.  I am happy with the outcome.

Anyway, here is to share with you.  For those of you who may be interested to make some for your coming easter, I hope this is not too late. Ainyway they are very easy to make.

You will need plastic eggs for this project. The top half is more pointed while the bottom half has a wider end.  Here is the pattern.

MR-magic ring
ss-slip stitch
X-single crochet
V-2sc in one stitch
fo-fasten off

R1:      MR-6X
R2:      6V
R3:      X all round
R4:      (XV) repeat all round
R5:      X all round
R6:      (XXV) repeat all round
R7:      X all round
R8:      (XXXV) repeat all round
R9-11:  X all round (3rows)
R12:    (XXXXV) repeat all round
R13:    X all round; ss; fo

R1:     MR-6X
R2:     6V
R3:     (XV) repeat all round
R4:     X all round
R5:     (XXV) repeat all round
R6:     (XXXV) repeat all round
R7:     X all round
R8:      (XXXXV) repeat all round
R9-12:  X all round; ss; fo

Now you can apply some glue to the plastic egg and place it into the crochet cover.  You may have to do this quickly and adjust the cover to the edge of the plastic egg before the glue hardens or dries.  Do one open-half of the plastic egg each time so you can adjust it to the edge.  Take note that you do not cover the gap that goes inside of the other half when you close the two halves together.

Note:  You may have to make adjustment as plastic eggs may vary in size and the thickness of the yarn you are using may also vary so you may have to adjust the number of stitches and rows as you crochet along.  You can change the color of yarn as you crochet along the rows or you can use only one color and add eyes and beak to create a chick face.

Easter Chick egg-covers:

MR-magic ring
X-single crochet
dc-double crochet
ss-slip stitch
p3-puff stitch with 3 double loops on the hook

MR-3ch; 16dc; ss to third chain (make 2 pieces)
ss the 2 pieces together by using only the back stitch so you will see an outline of the face.
Do not fasten off.

R1:  3ch+p3; 2ch;  (p4; 2ch) repeat 5 times; turn; 6 more (p4; 2ch); ss to the first puff stitch.
R2:  3ch+p4; 2ch; (p5; 2ch) repeat all round; ss to the first puff stitch.
R3:  3ch+p5; 2ch; (p6; 2ch) repeat all round; ss to the first puff stitch.
R4:  Repeat R3
R5:  3ch+p4; 2ch; (p5; 2ch) repeat all round; ss to the first puff stitch.
R6:  1ch; X all round; ss; fo

Top of the head:
Using RED yarn, work from the back of the head, crochet the following:
ss; X; 2ch; X; 3ch; X; 2ch; X; ss; fo
Using RED yarn, work a stitch away from the red head top; 3ch; dc; 3ch; ss; fo

Slip in a plastic egg.

May you bless someone with a message + a nice piece of chocolate in your Crochet Easter Egg.  I did :)


NOTE:  You may use these patterns to make for personal use only, do not sell the pattern please.  Thank you.

I hope crocheters find my pattern easy to understand and follow. I would really appreciate feedbacks from those who tried it out to let me know if it works ok or any suggestion for improvement. Thanks.