Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012 n 2013 BIRTHDAYS

Looking back to 2012 to see what I had made for birthdays.

Piggie banks for Joanna and Chirstina.  It was a belated celebration when they came back for the Chinese New Year.

I made Sheerah a tissue holder.

A Bus coin bank for 5 year old friend in JB.

ChiHuaHua; Spaniel and Dachshund (back row from the left)...for my buddies....again they were belated :)

Here comes 2013.....
JAN 23
I made Joanna one of the Power Puff girls - Bubbles - Joanna's favorite.  I show her this pic on her fb on her birthday but she will get the actual thing when she comes back for the CNY.

Here are some close ups for more details.  The hair is made separately and attached on.  I crochet on the   back loop to have the lines effect.

JAN 30
I made a beagle for Christina....

...and a bulldog for Marcus as a belated birthday gift.  His falls on Dec 8.

This arrived in time for Sheerah's bday :)  Things that she likes for her scrapbooking.  Thanks to her good buddy, Marlene, who helped me to package this.

Monday, January 28, 2013


A friend had a surgery last month and the cut was right behind her ear that she had to have her hair cut to a very short length.  I made her a head hugger to ease her off the trouble of having to work on a scarf to cover her very short white hair.

I search online and found quite a number of nice and easy to make hats.  I chose to make this one which I can slip a scarf around it and I like the result.  She looks good in it too.  Here is the pic taken when she wore it to church the next day.  Click here for this free pattern.

This is the first lady hat I ever made and I like it very much so I got to make another one.  I had my hair trim very short last month, planning to let my gray hair show and stop dyeing my hair.  Joanna was with me during the hair cut and she thinks I look ok.

So I meant to make this brownie hat for myself but my hubby is not used to my look with a hat on....haha...I think I look ok though.  So, am I going to wear this new cny look for 2013?  

This hat pattern doesnt come with the flower and the rope round it.  I made the flower from STITCH OF LOVE's pattern and added an edge of sc to it.  Then I crochet a rope of chains and slip stitches with two wooden beads to both ends and string it through the hat.  The flower is attached to a hair clip so it is detachable.