Sunday, March 27, 2011


27 March 2011


MATERIAL:  Orion Top Grace - white; Orion Top Aminah -  light purple; Clover No: 8 hook

24 ch; 1 ch; sc all round (put in 3 sc at last ch and 2 ch in first ch); join to first ch

Row A:  (3 ch; dc into every sc and join to 3rd ch) Repeat ( ) 3 more rounds

Row B:  4 ch; *skip 1dc and do 1dc; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

Row of puffs:  4 ch; puff stitch of 2dc into same dc; *close stitch; 1ch; puff with 3dc into next dc; Repeat * all round; join to 3rd ch

So you will have alternate rows of spaced dd and puffs, total 6 rows of spaced dc and 5 rows of puffs with spaced dc as the top row.

Now make 4 more of Row A.

Row of shells:  (1ch; 1sc; 1hdc; 1dc; 1tc) into same stitch; *skip 3dc; 1sc; 1hdc; 1dc; 1tc into 4th dc; Repeat from * all round; join to first ch.

You can do a chain loop at one end where you finished; cut and tie; hide the tail into the stitches

This last round is optional, that is using another color thread to do sc all round leaving out the loop.  I crochet the sc into the inside of the stitches leaving an outline of the shells.

Flowers:  Make 2 small flowers and attached it to one face of the pouch.  I made a small flower of 3 petails and a bigger one of 5 petals. 

NOTE: Please do not sell the pattern, you may sell the finished product, giving credit and linking it to the pattern creator. Thank you.