Monday, February 28, 2011


28 Feb 2011
I invited these ladies to my place for a dinner fellowship.  One of them brought her husband and another one brought her husband and daughter, so my husband didn't end up being the thorn among the roses.  It was sort of potluck because a few them prepared a few dishes to bring with them.

Dinner Menu:
Soup - old cucumber
Caramel Pork Belly
Ngoh Hiang (Hokkien Meat Rolls)
Hot and Spicy Chicken Feet
Green Vegie
"4-Big-Sky-Kings" (translated from its Chinese name) - consists of 4 kinds of beans
Pickled Cucumber with Carrots

Due to travelling I have missed their fellowship for a long time and it was really a happy-get-together tonight.  So happy chatting away that I forgot to take more pics.  There were scenes of them preparing the fruits before the meal; and clearing the tables after the meal; and washing up the dishes too.  Then I made a pot of Taiwan Mountain Tea, but when I suggested Starbucks there was a good response.  So I brew Starbucks coffee for those coffee lovers and brought out my nice dark chocolate (from a Canadian friend). was a night of temptation; and good chatting over tea and coffee.....not forgetting, sharing the recipe for my Hot and Spicy Chicken Feet with them too.  Yes, they loved it and I got good comments on the Ngoh Hiang (Hokkien Meat Rolls) too! 

After 9pm someone's sleeping time was due so they had to dismiss.  On the way out, one of them offered to have the next get-together at her place!  So this is a good start and good thing should continue...Praise the Lord!

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