Sunday, February 27, 2011


27 Feb 2011
I am cooking this recipe for the 3rd time....1st time was to try it out and 2nd time was for my children during the CNY.  I have adjusted some of the ingredients to my preference and I am preparing this for tomorrow's fellowship dinner with some cell group ladies.

This recipe suits me well as I was looking for one which does not call for deep frying and I was so glad to find this.  Below are pics to the cooking steps but I forgot to take pics in the beginning so I missed the first few steps.  Anyway, I believe these are clear enough for anyone to follow. 

Rub the chicken feet (1 kg) with kosher salt and let stand for 10 mins.  Rinse with cold water.
Then blanch them in hot boiling water for 5 mins. Drain and cool.
Dry fry for 10-15min till lightly brown. (You can first oil your wok with a little oil about 1 Tbsp).  Set aside.

Fry the ginger and shallots in some oil (about 2 Tbsp) till lightly brown, then add in the chillies, cinnamon and star anise to continue frying till fragnant.


Pour the chicken feet back in to stir fry with the ingredients in the wok.  Then add in the following sauces.

Add in the sugar (I like using rock sugar which gives a nice flavour but I ran out of stock, so I use brown sugar instead)

Stir fry till the sugar melts and the chicken feet is well mixed and coated with the sugar and sauces.

Now add in the ShaoXing wine (I put in wine instead of the 1/3 cup of water which is really personal preference of taste).  I kept the wine which I used  to soak the chilled pork leg in, during the CNY, for dishes like this Chicken Feet and Pork Trotters.  Yes, you can use this same recipe for pork trotters and they taste "yummily" delicious!

I transferred the chicken feet to my Kelomat pressure cooker in order to cook faster....15 min at 2nd ring.
(If you are just using the wok, you will have to constantly check on the gravy and either you add in more water or the wine to simmer the chicken feet till they are soft.  The last time I cooked in a wok, it took me 1 and 1/2 hr over medium heat and I had to add in extra 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of the wine.)

Wait for the ring to go down completely before opening the lid of the pressure cooker.

Ready to serve.  It's yummy but don't make this a frequent dish :)


  1. hi, knowing that u also using a kelomat pressure cooker. do u know where can we buy the spare parts of the kelomat pressure cooker in malaysia? thank you. =)

  2. I got my spares from a lady who still serves some of her kelomat customers and she is in Miri. Maybe I can ask if she serves customers outside Miri or if she knows of any distributor in other areas to your convenience....where are you?

  3. Hi. I am another kelomat supporter. Just wonder if you can give me the contact number of anybody selling kelomat products/parts? I really need it. Great thanks first!

  4. For those who are looking for someone to help with servicing your kelomat pots or replacing some spare parts to your pots, please email me for the contact in Miri.

  5. I think I will just leave the contact info here since quite a few email me for it. You can contact 白太太 (Mrs Bai) at 085-654588. Her worker will answer and handle your enquiry as Mrs Bai is not in most of the time. Hope you are able to get what you need.