Sunday, January 8, 2012


My last amigurumi of 2011 is a little clown which I made specially for a special clown friend of mine. May this little clown remind him of all the good things that God has blessed it all started and how God paved the way for him to this day that now he can be a clown as his career. May his life continue to excel for God's purpose.

I started making this on 30 Dec and finished on 1Jan.  This is a pattern from one of my books.

Then I made a little smurf for myself :)  I follow a pattern online for most parts of it but I did my own pattern for the hat and nose.  I also made the limbs shorter.

And I am pleased with my clown and smurf :)

BLESSED 2012  and may more of God's grace, love, joy and peace happen to my blog-readers and followers in 2012!

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