Monday, August 1, 2011


It's been ages since I last did this and my eyes are definitely not doing a good job anymore....sad. I just had a new pair of glasses made and my longsightedness has increased from 200 to 225. However, I am glad I bought this crafter's magnifying glass from Spotlight-Singapore. It sure helps me to see the small squares of the fabric for such cross stitch work. It took me much longer than I expected....have to face the reality of aging...hehehe. Well, the result isn't as good as I would want it to be and I just have to learn to accept that as the best ability I can do from now for fine work like this.

So here it new blouse.

This is the fabric which I bought many years ago. It is called waste canvas. I got it from Spotlight-Singapore. Just cut out the measurement slightly larger than your pattern requirement and attach it to your blouse/shirt where you want your cross stitch to be done. Just hand sew it on with wide stitches to hold it to your blouse while you cross stitch your pattern.

You can notice the yellowise coloring stain at close-up, which shows it has been kept away for ages :) It is still not a problem though as this waste canvas will be removed after your cross stitch is done. You just have to wet it and pull them out one by one.

I also iron on a piece of thin adhesive fabric to cover the back of the cross stitch I have done to protect it. Always place the right side on a soft towel and iron only on the wrong side. This will make the pattern stands out. You do the same for any embroidery work you may have on your blouses.

I forgot to take pics on the initial steps but I will show more details on the next project.

This is the magnifier for crafters like me.

The pic on the package shows how you wear it round your neck while working.

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