Wednesday, August 31, 2011


After the 5-petal-flower to add glamour to the bag which I made, I got interested in big flowers and got to find another pattern which I crocheted with different texture and shades of ropes. This is the result. Click here for the free pattern.

I am having one problem with this flower as the petals keep curling up. I have to think of a way to make them stay down. It is not the pattern problem but the nature of the material used. I have yet to put this flower into good use....will update here when that happens :)
5 September 2011

Here's the update.....
Here is how the flower petals curled up.

I decided to decorate a small rottan basket of mine and I think it looks fine on it :) I used a fish line to stitch the petals onto the basket to make them stay flat.

That's how it looks on my small basket :)

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