Friday, March 4, 2011


4 March 2011

I learnt a bit of tatting from a teacher during one of my secondary years and I love it.  I am not an expert and I am still a learner.

So I hope to pick up on my crafting skills now and then, bit here and there, just to relax and enjoy myself.  I have not craft for ages so here is a simple tatting pattern I found on YouTube to start with.

It took me several attempts before I got my tension right.  I used a shuttle to make this one.  There is a difference in the texture between needle tatting and shuttle tatting.  I will post one done with a needle later.

These are my first shuttles since I had my first tatting lesson with my teacher way back in the early 70s,  so they have been with me for....let me calculate.....Goodness dear me!  It's almost 40 years!

I got this one many years later at a local craft shop.  The crochet hook at one end is useful when you need to bring the thread through a picot.

Then I got to know about needle tatting online and I ordered this set of 3 needles from US.   They are long, about the length of 2 shuttles and they aren't as sharp as sewing needles.

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