Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It has always been a belated birthday for one of my buddies so I want to make a "on-time" gift for her birthday this year :) .....and I made it!

May she grow wiser with years and blessed with grace and gentleness and lots more of her life to pass on and bless others.

An owl to symbolise WISDOM :)  This owl measures 4.5cm tall and 6cm across.

And here is Joanna's very first crochet.  She saw my owl and likes it very much and asked to learn.  She is a left-handler but she manages very well using her right hand to crochet.  She is unique and she seems to be able to handle the stitches pretty fast and well, considered as a first-timer.  Here is the result taken by her iPhone.  She did it in about 4 hours with little help from me!  She makes me proud!


  1. I love this little owl, v cute. Any chance you could point me in the direction of the pattern so that I can make a few for myself please? Thank you!

  2. You can find a free pattern at this link....
    It may not be exactly the same but something similar. Hope this helps :)

  3. Thank you very much: 3 guesses what I'll be doing this weekend :)