Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sheerah bought a few balls of yarn for me this trip home. It is a linen mixed yarn and is very tough for crocheting. She likes the pig in the Angry Birds, so I made her one. It took almost 1 ball of yarn.

Here is the result....we shall call her PINKY?

Chris' friend requested for an angry bird chew toy so I tried it out with the same kind of rope (finer than the one I used for the drumstick). I think this will be the last project I will do using this kind of rope. It is real tough and hard on my hands, especially my right thumb. Since there is only one color so I do the whole thing with just one color and did special tying of the ends inside the body (to make it last) before filling up with the poly fibre.

This is how big it looks on my palm and I think it is too small for the dog :) Maybe for Corrie to play fetch.


And I did an octopus to hang in my car :) Here's Blue Octopus! It is very easy to make and you can easily find a free pattern online.

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