Thursday, July 22, 2010


I call this a bottle of SPIRITUAL VITAMINS.  I once saw something similiar sold at a Christian Store and thought that it was a great idea.  It was a bottle containing some cards shaped like capsules with God's Word on them. Then I thought it would be something good to give encouragement to a friend who was going through some health problem. So I started searching online for encouraging quotes and God's Word to go along with each quote.  That was how this gift idea was created.


There are enough SPIRITUAL VITAMIN TABLETS to last 3 months.

The quotes of encouragement are on one side of the cards....

and the Word of God on the other side.  They are all carefully chosen to inspire and encourage. I used containers left from my supplements.  I remove the original stickers....

then design and print my own on sticker paper and stick it on the bottle.  Decorate it with ribbons.

The wordings on the container reads......
"Suitable for all ages";
"Usage: 1 dose before every meal";
"Overdose will not cause any side effect or harm";
"Ingredient: Word of God";
"Material: Faith, Hope, Love";
"Expiry Date: Everlasting";
"Result: Have life and have it to the full"

"I have come that (name of my friend) may have life and have it to the FULL." John 10:10
I love this verse for the promise it carries and the address of the verse in the Bible...JOHN 10:10...indeed FULL and COMPLETE!  What a promise of life! 

An extra container to keep those cards read each day.  May my friends be blessed.

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